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Pieces in Pieces

Originally known as panel paintings, polyptychs, which are works made up of several pieces, historically depicted religious figures, such as saints, in the central panel and had lesser but associated figures or scenes in those adjoining. Many of the original religious polyptychs have now been dismantled and distributed as individual works or even destroyed but the trend never entirely went away.

The last few decades has seen a significant resurgence of this style, with people experimenting with different numbers, sizes and even shapes of pictures to fit together. The subject of the paintings has also taken on a broader spectrum. No longer restricted to the religious, the most popular of their kind to be created and sold appear to be those with natural landscape themes.

These experiments have led to some stunning creations. With every aspect of the piece now up for negotiation, the ability to tailor the shape and the size of the pieces to their subjects, or to contrast these elements against each other, has brought a range of styles and aesthetics together like never before.

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The effects created by these pieces can be astounding. From tiny pieces depicting bees in hexagonal frames that mimc a hive to forest landscapes being brought to life in mammoth sized canvasses, the range of pieces available at this point can leave a person awestruck but it means you are almost guaranteed to find something that suits your space and your taste.

Not all polyptychs are natural themed landscapes, either. Abstracts, motif pieces and themed comic piece amongst others are all easily available and can make a real impact.

Even a small place can make a great display for a polyptych. The gap above a low-set window, or even a narrow gap where small pictures could be placed above one another will work provided you choose the right pieces. The way these pieces work is by drawing your gaze from one piece to the next, so you can use them to really highlight a specific area of your space.

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Polyptychs can also work better than single pieces when the space you’re trying to fill is an irregular shape. Pieces can be laid unevenly, diagonally or even clustered together to make the best use of the entire available space.
So pay attention to the space you have, consider what it will be used for and who will be using it and try to find something compatible. With such a huge array of styles, shapes and sizes available, there is bound to be something that can enhance the aesthetic you are aiming for.Fancy adding some new art prints to your living space? Click here to browse a variety of styles and forms available at Drawdeck.

Posted on July 14,2020