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Home is where the art is

Your home is your base and although many of us spend the majority of our time in our homes, recent situations mean we’ve been seeing a lot more of them just lately. Lockdown has been a pain for many worldwide but it can also present an opportunity to really consider your home and try to make it into a space that you really you love to live in.

Whether you’re thinking of reclaiming space that has been lost to clutter or just brightening up the spaces you already use, refreshing your décor without going through a full refurb is a great way to improve your immediate environment and regain a little of that lost control whilst keeping yourself busy.

Introducing a new piece of wall art to your space is a quick and easy method of changing the character and atmosphere of any given space. Whether it’s a calming canvas, an inspiring image or a motivational motif, the difference it makes can be tremendous, so it’s really important to work out exactly what you want your space to say from the outset.

The right wall art can help you make a statement about your space. With wall art available in many styles and mediums from photography, collages and digital to illustrations, painting and calligraphy, there are many options to explore regarding the image, the medium and its frame.

As well as the type of piece, there are several other elements that require careful consideration. Would your space suit a single piece or would a set work better? Try finding some spaces that you like online and compare them to your own. Consider the dimensions of the space, what can be seen from where, how it will be laid out and where any light in the space is coming from. These are all important factors in making the most of your space and your wall art. After that, the fun of choosing your art can begin.

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Though restrictions are still in place around the world, art remains accessible and enjoyable. Through lockdown and beyond we are aiming to provide regular blog posts containing items like how-to tips, top trends and artist interviews to keep you engaged, involved and occupied within the art community.

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Posted on July 14,2020