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Wooden Frame

A picture speaks a thousand words. But a good quality frame makes them stand out. Bring your favourite artwork to life with one of our hand-made wooden frames.

by Hans Eiskonen
From AED 258.00
by Maarten Leon
From AED 221.00
by Frank Moth
From AED 232.00
by Cat Coquillette
From AED 221.00
by Melanie Graham
From AED 221.00
by Bo Lundberg
From AED 221.00
From AED 221.00
by Kristin Klasinski
From AED 213.00
by Trabolt Design
From AED 202.00
by Octavian Mielu
From AED 202.00
by Daniel Malta
From AED 202.00
by Ali Al-Sammarraie
From AED 239.00
by Shot by Clint
From AED 221.00
by Julia Hariri
From AED 226.00

Frames that bring art to life

A picture speaks a thousand words. But a good quality frame makes them stand out.

Whether you’re going for that single piece to take center stage or are looking to build your own gallery wall, we have a range of different frames and sizes that will help you fill up that space perfectly.

We might be biased but our frames really do rock, that’s because we don’t skip a step on quality. Our frames are hand-made with the best British wood we can find and available in black, white, brown and a natural matte finish. They are sealed with a glass front and equipped with secure wall hanging hardware so they are ready to hang as soon as they arrive…the ultimate stress-free solution!

For a classic finish we accompany the artwork with a finely cut window mount that helps amplify the artwork, but if you are after a more modern look you can remove this option.

If it’s to focus an abstract piece for the living room or to liven up some fun animal prints for the kids bedroom, a high quality frame really is the final piece to the interior.