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The vibrant street- and-skate origins of Barcelona-based urban artist Ruben Sanchez can be now be seen with his first solo exhibition in the UAE, entitled 'The B Side', created while in residence as Tashkeel’s second guest artist in 2013. With the exhibation open now for a week we headed down to Tashkeel and we have to say it was well worth the trip as 'The B Side' explores the possibility of a variety of surfaces which play stage to his vibrant and skillful peices, which have a Mediterranean-hued abstract feel with various themes that look great!

The B Side also includes ‘Bicycamel’ on Jumeirah Beach Road  which has picked up a far bit of news recently - a homage to the Spanish fairy tale ‘Los Caballeros de Los Peces’ (The Knights of the Fish), that has been restructured for Dubai, based on what Sanchez has seen and experienced during his time here. In the artist's portrayal, a figure on a bike reaches out to an apple from a tree. This references the Spanish fable where a cobbler’s son goes to fight a dragon that is terrorizing a town. In the Dubai version, there is no dragon to fight, but the universal inactivity of people’s bodies and minds. A largely self-taught artist, Sanchez found opportunities for expression at a young age through decorating his brother’s skateboards. Influenced by the break-dancing and graffiti cultures in his native Spain, Sanchez was attracted to the subversive nature of the country’s emerging street artists while being exposed through his education to Spanish masters including Dali and Miró. Sanchez’s work during his Tashkeel residence depicts the influence of his prior professional experience as an illustrator, graphic designer, and animator.

We would certainly recommend heading to Tashkeel  as it's some of the best and orginal work with seen this year so far that takes a number influences from Street Art, Skate boarding and even cartoons! From 10am to 10pm, Saturday to Thursdays (closed Fridays), Tashkeel, Nad Al ­Sheba Health Centre, Dubai, 04 336 3313,


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