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Astronaut-House is the alias for the graphic art side of designer Jonathan Wills (a senior creative by day). During the past 18 months he has specifically focused on an ongoing series of quirky drawings called “Sharkies". The early ones were small drawings using vibrant pigment pens but as the design became more refined he has concentrated more on gouache or most recently inks, both in large square formats. Each drawing is unique and one-off and there are no plans to branch out to prints of any kind. This is to always maintain the hand-drawn uniqueness and fine art based approach. Prior to the “Sharkies” series was a period creating highly detailed moonscape and other-worldly drawings rendered in graphite and other mixed media. His influences are mainly space related (hence the Astronaut-House name) as well as an admiration for artists such as Vija Celmins and Bridget Riley.

You can check out Jonathan work further either at or he has also loaded some of his work up on Drawdeck.




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