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Italian studio Truly Design recently completed a project that combines the magic of optical illusion with a street art style. The four creatives that make up the practice originally bonded over graffiti during their teenage years. They used this passion and skill to create Vanitas, a large artwork that’s spread among many sand-colored rectangular forms.

Truly Design painted subjects that have to do with science and technology: a human skull, a butterfly, and a spaceship are just a few. It’s all fractured on different sections of the outdoor boxes, and depending on your vantage point, things either look disjointed or like one cohesive piece. Sometimes, everything seems to exist on a single plane, but we know that it's just the studio cleverly fooling our eyes.

Vanitas was created for the public exhibition Art on Science and hosted by the Polytechnic Federal School of Lausanne. The title of the impressive optical illusion actually refers to the word vanitas, which is a theme that was widely portrayed in the 16th and 17th century arts. Works often featured symbols that signify worldly ambitions and scientific accomplishments, not unlike what we see here.


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