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16th September 2015
Now & Then: Old famous celebrities next to their younger selves

We never really notice that we age. How our looks change and how we become older over the years. The passage of time is somewhat slow and forgiving. It's only when we look back at ourselves in photographs that we get a shock, as we begin to understand that we're no longer as young anymore. And that can be depressing for many of us.

But for Colombian illustrator Fulvio Obregon, aka Fulaleo, he sees it as a positive thing. Something to celebrate and appreciate. In his series Me & My Other Me, he combines famous older celebrities with their younger selves, often with the younger version wearing a t-shirt that spells out their particular achievements, often with a cheeky and amusing slant.

The stark contrast between each characters' past and present certainly makes you smile. But there's an underlying melancholy to the whole thing. Just how quickly life seems to pass us all by. And how we mustn't waste a minute. Not one. Life is definitely too short. Discover more of Fulaleo's work on behance. (written by Katy Cowan via Creative Boom)