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12th June 2015
Detailed Illustrations Depict The Earth’s Environments As Tortured Yin Yangs

Dalip Singh is an Indian Creative Director working for McCann WorldGroup. His belief that; science and art can be used for a larger social purpose, inspired his project ‘Yin Yang’.

“Everyday natural disasters and environmental hazards trigger the observation that the state of the environment is imbalanced” (Singh). The project was created to visually depict this imbalance, whilst exploring the irony that exists between the Chinese symbol (Yin Yang) and the present state of the environment.

After in-depth research regarding environmental pollutions and several planning meetings between Singh and his team, the original illustrations were finally hand drawn on wall-sized sheets with as much detail and reality as possible. The illustrations were then painted with watercolors, photographed and digitalized.

The last leg of the initative involved the laborious task of retouching. “It was pretty challenging to keep the synergy of earth colors (green and blue) intact while bringing forth the black and white of Yin Yang in the artwork” (Singh).

It took the team more than 9 months to draw, paint and retouch the whole project. Head over to Singh's tumblr to see more. (via Bored Panda)