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19th April 2015
Famous directors and their iconic films blur in ink posters

Hamburg based illustrator Julian Rentzsch has teamed up with Steffen Heidemann and Viktoria Klein from the independent design studio, Stellavie, to create cinematic ink prints of famous directors and their iconic films.

The trio have already created three posters and are holding a poll to decide which director and their films to feature next. So far, Alfred Hitchcock has been reincarnated featuring some of his best-known films such as Psycho (1960) and The Birds (1963), alongside a celebration of the works of Martin Scorsese and David Lynch.

Voters can choose between the likes of Wes Anderson, Woody Allen and Steven Spielberg. All of the prints are hand-signed and created by combining a mixture of techniques including analogue, digital, photography ink and watercolour. (Via Creative Boom)