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11th March 2015
Valid Passports Transformed Into Intricate Works of Art by Leonard Combier

Inspired by his passion for outsider and tribal art, French illustrator Léonard Combier, draws intricate designs on valid passports.

Referring to his ink drawings as “tattoos”, he etches aliens, goofy ghouls and tribal patterns, whilst incorporating immigration officials’ stamps into the design. Combier has previously offered an open invitation for anyone around the world to send him their passport.

He doesn’t charge for his drawings, but he does have one condition: the passports must be valid.

“I’ve received many requests asking me to draw on expired passports, but I’ve always declined,” Combier explained. “For me, it’s very nice to know that the owner of the passport will have my drawing within reach for 10 years (while the passport is valid). It’s a bit like a tattoo.”

Combier uses a very thin ink pen and each personalized drawing can take him a full day to complete.

However before you begin to redesign you passport pages, be warned, drawing on your passport may risk invalidating it!