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3rd August 2014
Artwork by Niki Hare

Niki Hare is a diverse visual artist whose work revolves around ideas of existence and vision. Niki is a talented self taught artist working with many mediums, however if it came down to choosing one artistic tool it would be paint. Her work range's from large bold letters that are layered upon one another or Mountains that go off tangent to find varies forms.

"Painting is just a language that I am more comfortable with, it has an honesty, it is what it is. My work is very unprocessed, direct, I don't see as I paint , just look at it sometime later, then start again or leave it alone until another time. I work with layers, building them up and scraping back, finding stuff I had forgotten about, the painting starts to get interesting, to develop its own past. The word paintings write themselves with no restraint, if I'm not sure I keep writing over, but ultimately the words, however buried, have been said."

The abstract nature of Niki’s paintings makes them all the more intriguing. In this selection of work, we showcase a series of word paintings & mountain images which gives you a feel of how Niki is still learning & experimenting as an artist. To see more of Niki’s work, visit her website