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19th February 2017
Beautifully dramatic portraits by Ivana Besevic

Ivana Besevic is an artist based between Belgrade, and Paris, who creates aesthetically beautiful pieces that are underlined with something intense and emotional. It is this contrast that plays a big part in her work.

She is inspired by complicated and unconventional stories, people, everyday life and the raw, real side of us that we often try to keep private.

Ivana has been practicing art in various mediums for the past 10+ years, from traditional, wall painting, mural & mosaic, illustration to conceptual, video art and digital photography.

 She often contributes to the causes that are important to her, which are visible in her work, such as human rights, prevention of violence against women, children & animals and women empowerment.

You can see more of Ivana’s work on her website.