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23rd September 2013
The Sun Shines on The Fallen - Drawings in the sand

The Sun Shine's on 'The Fallen', was a recent large scale art project on the sands of Arromanches, France, which used the beach as a canvas for Peace Day 2013. Carried out by artists Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss from Sand In Your Eye, they hoped to rake the images of 9,000 ‘Fallen’ onto the beach with the help of a fair few volunteers which included Veterans and families,who have lost family members in recent conflicts and create an artwork that would be washed away by the tide later on in the day.

From the photos you can see the project was a huge success and has a thought provoking impact seeing the huge number of silhouetted bodies dotted on the beach, and is an important reminder of the lives lost in just one day during the Normandy landings of 1944. , were also involved in the project.

Clink the link HERE to watch a video about the project.