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8th October 2016
The intricate sketchbooks of Dina Brodsky

Dina Brodsky is a realist miniaturist, painter and curator from Minsk, Belarus. She was educated at the University of Massachusetts and the New York Academy of Art. Her mysterious and attentive visions are presented in small and miniature scale, which requires the viewer to step close and hold her creations in an intimate manner.

Dina’s sketchbooks are filled with detailed drawings of architecture, wildlife, and scattered portraits of strangers that evoke a nostalgic interest. The drawings are often finished with touches of watercolor, gouache, gold leaf, and found objects from her travels.

She has recently invited friends, family and her Instagram community to submit trees for her to depict for a project titled The Secret Life of Trees. An exhibition of this series was recently shown at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery in NYC.

You can see much more of Brodsky’s sketchbook works and miniatures on her Instagram.